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3 Steps to Find Largest Folder

  1. Download and start the free Folder Size Explorer application and scan the folder or drive that will be searched.
  2. Select "Largest folders" report from the toolbar.
  3. The largest folders in the currently selected drive or folder will be listed instantly.

The top 100 largest folder in the currently selected drive or folder will be listed instantly. If you wish to view the largest folder in another folder just click it and the largest directories inside will be listed instantly.

Folder Size Explorer is a free tool that can sort folder form largest to smallest and list all folder sizes. You can locate the missing disk space instantly with the help of this little free tool. Folder Size looks similar to Windows File Explorer and is very easy to use.

Finding the largest folder is just one of the many features of the app. It can also:

Download Folder Size Explorer

Find Largest Folders in Windows 10

Find Largest Folders in Windows 10

Search Largest Folders in Windows 8

Search Largest Folders in Windows 8

Find Largest Folders in Windows File Explorer

There are many tutorials on the Internet on how to find the largest files using Windows File Explorer, but you will not find any on finding largest folders. This is simply because Windows Explorer versions after Windows XP can not be customized and the folder size can not be displayed in the size column. Do not waste your time searching how to view folder sizes in Windows. The above tool provides an entry in the Explorer context menu "Scan with Folder Size" and you can right-click any folder to view its size and the size of all its subfolders instantly.

While it may sound silly not to have the folder sizes listed in Windows Explorer, there are many reasons for that. Having that information listed will require the constant scan and analysis of all the files and folders which will ruin the performance of your entire system in order to display information that you do not need constantly.

Still there are many ways to view folder sizes in Windows, be it via the folder's properties menu or as a tooltip, but the above application displays all folders sizes simultaneously and makes it very easy to view the distribution of your disk space. You can instantly locate large folder and files and recover the missing disk space.

The tool has huge amount of options and features and makes the disk cleanup process a breeze. It can reveal all the missing disk space even if it is inside system or hidden folder. It will reveal all hidden folders including folders that can not be accessed even from Windows Explorer. Such folder for example is the System Volume Information. Not that you should delete or alter that folder, but it can help to locate hidden backup or system restore folders that contain unnecessary data.

Download Folder Size Explorer now and put an end to the mess - recover all the disk space instantly! You will never need another tool to organize your storage and best of all it is completely FREE and does not contain even ads.

Download Folder Size Explorer